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Cancer Surgery Costs with Nuclear Technology Save 90 Percent

08 September 2019, 2:03 AM
Gamma camera for nuclear medicine at the Central General Hospital Dr. Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung. (Image/
MEMPAWAHSATU.ME - The system works to process gamma radiation from the human body into images for education.

Nuclear technology has long been used in the medical world. But sick people are still afraid of the word nuclear. In fact, medical treatment with experimental technology is more efficient and more economical.

With the help of BPJS Health. With medical technology that can reduce the costs borne by BPJS Health can be reduced.

"For example for the treatment of lymph cancer without having to go through surgery that requires a lot of money and that can be done by medical experts," said Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine Association, Eko Purnomo at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta, Friday, September 6, 2019.

He said that what was in the minds of the people was something turbulent.

But now nuclear technology can be used for the treatment of various diseases including malignant cancer which is one of the factors causing high mortality in Indonesia.

By utilizing radio isotopes made by BATAN (National Nuclear Technology Agency) nuclear technology can be utilized for treatment.

The cost of treating lymphatic cancer with the method of surgery to the healing process with one package of chemotherapy can cost up to Rp 100 million.

If you use medical methods, malignant lymphatic cancer to die for its roots only requires around Rp. 9 million only.

"If it is borne by BPJS, it can greatly reduce costs incurred," he said.

Treatment for mumps can also be done with the same method without surgery and does not have to consume drugs continuously.

He acknowledged, nuclear technology used in the medical world is still common to the public. Even though it is very safe for treatment.

Nuclear medicine experts are also still developing this technology to cure other malignant cancers such as cervic cancer and breast cancer and prostate cancer and heart disease.

"For heart disease with nuclear technology, it can suppress the operation of ring installers on nerves in the heart that are already weakly functioning. With nuclear technology, it will be able to find out which nerves are dead so it needs to be installed and not need to be installed. So that it can reduce the costs that must be incurred by BPJS and just need ordinary treatment, "he said.

Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Johan Mansyur said that until now nuclear technology treatment is still common to the public even though the impact is very low compared to using X-Ray or with chemotherapy that makes the head fall out.

"There is still the impression that nuclear is a scourge, even though nuclear medicine technology is very safe and it is proven that these nuclear doctors have children and are not infertile because of radiation," he said with a smile.

Besides nuclear, it is still a scourge, the presence of nuclear experts in Indonesia is still very limited and now there are only 60 people, while technology and medical devices for the application of nuclear technology in the health sector are very expensive.

In Indonesia, hospitals that have handled cancer with nuclear technology are still limited, including in Medan only 1 hospital, 7 hospitals in Jakarta, 2 hospitals in Bandung, 1 hospital in Semarang, and 1 hospital in Samarinda.

Whereas in Yogya, Sardjito General Hospital is still in the process of being developed.

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