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Indonesia Still Needs to Prepare Technology Development

08 September 2019, 1:42 AM
Indonesia Still Needs to Prepare Technology Development
MEMPAWAHSATU.ME - The Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia, Djauhari Oratmangun, said that Indonesia still needs to prepare for technological developments.

This was conveyed after attending the 5th Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day event in Chengdu, China, Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

"I think, first, because with Huawei, yes maybe strengthen Research and Development (RND) with universities in Indonesia to prepare the Indonesian people, not only to accept, but also to develop technology," said Djauhari.

According to him, the spread of RND must be equitable, not only in the Land of Java, but also in eastern Indonesia, including Kalimantan.

Moreover, he said, considering the Capital City would move to East Kalimantan.

"Then continue to embrace Indonesian millennials because they will first use them and benefit from technological advancements. Because they will receive the fastest, adaptation is very fast," said Djauhari.

Not Enough Socialization Furthermore, he continued, mere socialization to relevant officials was considered insufficient.

"Not only socialization, more than that, because if the socialization, we only inform, but this (must) have an element of teaching also to Indonesian and private officials who will be involved in this, SOEs, government officials, etc. because this (technological development) is very fast, "said Djauhari.

Therefore, he also asked Huawei to be able to explain the matter of technological developments that have been so fast at the moment.

"Because I think Huawei is not one of those who transfer technology, so it will be faster for him to teach the young people too. So this is good," he said.

"Continue to reach out to millennials because they are the component. Starting from the first time I saw the mobile phone, the most mobile phones in Indonesia (users) are millennials, just hurry up later," concluded Djauhari.